Your Visit

Advanced PainCare looks forward to your visit. Dr. Santo has a schedule tailored for your convenience. To schedule an appointment, please call us at 717-782-6829 or 717-791-2850.


If you are a new patient, click here to fill out new patient forms now, which will save you time in the office.


What to Expect

We want to make your first visit with us as productive as possible so it is helpful to fill out your medical history forms prior to arrival. We can mail the forms to you if time allows or they can be printed from the link above. We ask for complete medical information so that we can provide the safest, most customized recommendations for your pain problem. Upon arrival to the office you’ll be greeted by our patient receptionist who will record your insurance information and some additional data, such as preferred pharmacy.

A registered nurse (RN) will begin the visit with you by going over the medical history you have provided, clarifying information as necessary. She will measure your vital signs, including weight, height and pain score. Next, one of our providers will speak with you about your pain problem and associated factors. You will undergo an examination, sometime more focused, sometimes more comprehensive, based on the presenting problem. Next you will discuss treatment recommendations with the provider.

If an injection is recommended we will obtain any necessary authorizations from your insurance plan. This sometimes delays treatment for 1 to 5 days but cannot be helped. Any patient taking a blood-thinner may also require delay in starting treatment as we need to be sure it is safe to hold the blood-thinner for a period of time prior to the injection. We typically call the prescribing physician for this permission.

All along the way, the visit is designed with your convenience and comfort in mind, never sacrificing safety or thoroughness in medical care.


What to Bring

  •  Identification
  •  List of current medication
  •  Insurance information
  •  X-ray reports
  •  MRI reports
  •  EMG reports
  •  CT reports
  •  Lab results
  •  Any previous pain clinic records