The Regenexx   Way


Regenexx   is where the discipline of Interventional Orthopedics was invented.


Simply stated, it's the use of your own platelets and stem cells to promote your body's own natural healing capabilities to:

  • restore damaged tendons, ligaments, bone, muscle  and cartilage

  • improve joint and spine pain 

  • improve joint and spine health and function. 

All injections are performed with ultrasound or XRay guidance to ensure precise placement of the biologic.

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At Regenexx  , our approach is thorough.  We consider the injury in terms of Stability, Articulation, Neuromuscular status and Symmetry.  We call this the SANS approach.  No other clinic offers this comprehensive approach to injury evaluation.  And, because Regenexx  has been performing these procedures longer than anyone, they have more data on outcomes than any other network.  So, we can give each patient a candidacy grade for specific procedures and provide statistics on outcome that are not available anywhere else.

You no longer have to risk suffering a greater harm to treat musculoskeletal or spine pain.  For instance, epidural steroid injections are performed thousands upon thousands of times in this country each year.  We now realize that they contribute to lowered bone mineral density and vertebral fractures.    By treating radicular leg or arm pain with a platelet lysate epidural using Regenexx  protocols, in combination with assessing and treating for segmental instability (SANS approach), we can achieve better results that last longer than traditional epidural steroid injections with no increased risk of vertebral fractures or diminished bone density.

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