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Wellness Evaluation*

Our bodies were designed for wellness.  We thrive by engaging in the right activities, eating proper diets, and avoiding toxins.  At Advanced PainCare our initial evaluation is tailored to clients interested in improving their overall health and achieving optimal wellness.

Our initial evaluation is a comprehensive assessment of your current state of wellness.  We'll ask detailed questions about your medical history, current medications, and any pertinent diagnostic studies.  We also want to know your personal wellness goals, be it weight loss, hormone balancing, a specific health concern, or just increasing your vitality.  We will measure blood levels of various hormones, vitamins, minerals, and health bio-markers.

Empowered by the results of this assessment, we'll provide you with individualized suggestions to improve your wellness.  This may include lifestyle changes, supplements, hormone replacement, IV therapy, or additional tests.

*Services offered not covered by insurance plans.

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